My name is Bram. I am one of the founders of Disfort!

Challenges completed by Bram

72 Hours: Go for a run outside Bram

I ran 5 km in 21 minutes

To be exact, I used RunKeeper, an app that lets you track your running activity. According to the app, I ran a distance of 5.01 km at a time of 20:58. As a matter of scale, this means I ran at a pace of 4:11 min/km. Not bad, in my opinion.

72 Hours: Go for a walk with messy hair Bram

Monthly: Write an article and share it with at least 5 people Bram

A Matrix manual

I wrote this article where people are introduced to Matrix and how they can join it.

I have used it as a manual that people can follow. Hopefully, I can make a video as well so that people can follow that guide as well!